Tamamshudh – All Pure – Haiku by Deepak Menon

By Deepak Menon
Dream Life
Yearn do I for life
Life eludes my lifeless being
Living in your dream

Longing To Burn

Longing to be free
One with the warmth of your dream
To burn in it’s fire

In Your Dreams
In your dreams I live
What shall it be like when you
Stop dreaming of me?

When You Awaken
When will I wake up
To find nothingness as your
Slumber leaves you

My Dream or Yours
Is the dream I live Yours?
Or do you live in mine
I wonder? You know!
Dare I to Fly?
Can I dare to fly
Away from the warm confines
Of your dreaming heart?

2 Responses to “Tamamshudh – All Pure – Haiku by Deepak Menon”

  1. Dr. Shama Shukla Says:

    wonderful story and the poetry too.Please get hold of a publisher and it will be great

  2. Dr. Shama Shukla Says:

    wondreful story and poetry .Keep up the good job .This is the real world .Being creative is the greatest thing in the world and contact someone for your book. I love the painting of the bench

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