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May 31, 2005

A Painting for Posterity

This is a Hello from Deepak


May 31, 2005
Deepak Menon

The oceans be deep yet the Sea of Sorrow is deeper still
In which the lover from his love estranged, wallows
The mountains be high yet higher is the lonely tower still
From which the lover’s lonely gaze scans the hollows
Enervated by the calamity that knows no earthly parallel
Yet pervades the world of humanity in equal measure
The look or word that transforms heaven into fiery hell
Hurling into depths of sadness what once was pleasure
The sight of a vacuous smile upon the same upturned face
Now meaningless as it follows a vacant and empty look
The frantic nonchalance in the searching for just a trace
Of the raging storms that once his heart by force took
And in that fleeting moment do stop the sands of time
Life losing its lusture, and the song of life – its rhyme.

A Dream ?

May 30, 2005

a poem by

Deepak Menon

Smoke swirled around your figure
Swaying like a misty wraith
Amongst the nameless crowd of souls
Dancing their Dance of Faith

Faith in the future they believed in
The future born in the dim past
When fought they battles, couldn’t win
And were into destiny’s cauldron cast

To flutter like trembling leaves in the wind
Frantically dancing the Dance they made
A Dance they made to make them forget
The games of love they once had played

When into their midst your timeless shape
Had burst in like a flash of light
Banishing the shadows, the smoke and dark
Scattering all fear into headlong flight

And you danced the Dance of Hope
While stars sparkled in your lovely eyes
And your body sang a Song of Hope
Stilling the multitudes hopeless cries

And they watched with riveted gaze
Your swirling limbs, your haunting face
Your radiant smile, your tossing hair
Your twinkling feet in frantic race

And they knew you danced for me
They watched and wondered frozen in time
While your eyes saw only me
Radiating your love – true, sublime

And they knew that they had seen
Eternity in your sparkling dance
A love so true, so pure – so strong
It left them speechless and askance

And from the mist there appeared
He who wooed you like no man
Took form and swept you far away
Into the Forever Sunshine land

May 30, 2005


This is a Hello from Deepak

Skymerge – The Saga – Prologue to the Book by Deepak Menon

May 24, 2005
The Saga

“The ocean shall into the sky merge
And then shall walk upon the barren land
the heirs to the throne of mankind!

And there shall be no joy in the living.
And there shall be no feasts to be laid.
And then shall the heirs spurn thee!

Thy names shall be erased from the books.
Thy images shall be splattered with mud.
And thy souls banished to a riven hell”!

Thus spake Ruhan – last of the Doomed Kriels,
as towards the sword he walked to die,
and fulfill the decree of Rangod of Joha.

And then did Suja-Kil raise the flag of Death.
But even as the sword pierced the skin of Ruhan,
the skies reverberated with the boom of thunder!

Lightning flashed, cleaving the sky into two.
Faces of Jeering Gods momentarily appeared.
The crowd shrank back in dismal horror!

For the Great Rain that had no end had begun;
Tears of the Gods, pouring earthward in streams;
Rivulets flowing red, with the blood of their darling

Enraged screams carried by the roaring wind,
filled the ears of the shrieking hoard of the living,
as they shrank to their knees in prayer.

But as if to show, that their prayers were already lost
in the tumult of the wild lamenting of the wind and sky,
thunder ripped through the dark forbidding air!

Smashing the words of prayer into the fortress walls;
Smothering them without even a semblance of an echo,
as the stream became a deluge of great proportion!

And those who could, swam into the maelstrom,
while others clawed their way up the fortress walls,
or wrapped their splayed bodies on the branches of trees!

But as though to scorn these futile efforts of puny souls,
the elements redoubled their fury and mist covered the land
So that only the screams of shattered mouths were heard.

And the fury of the Gods continued for full seven days,
till at last spent and despairing, filled with the sorrow
that succeeds impotent rage – a somnolent silence arose.”


May 21, 2005


May 21, 2005

“ROSE by any other name would be as beautiful”said the RAINBOW

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Some quatrains from Tamamshudh by Deepak Menon

May 19, 2005

A few quatrains from “Tamamshudh – Poems of Passion”

by Deepak Menon

28. Many of thy lovers do dance to the sound
Of thy Voice, which makes their world go round.
Some with thine Eyes are enamoured.
But I? – To thy Unseen Soul am bound.

31.And shall thy soul be join’d with mine
When this thy vessel be drained of wine?
Or will it be scattered into the sky
To join the stars that eternally shine?

39.Drunk was I at the rosy flush of dawn
On the fruits of thy ring which I did pawn
The day before, at the tavern’s door.
Alas! Both thy ring and thee are gone.

55. ‘Tis a wonderful field where He left us all
Each player playing with his own little ball.
Striking here and there without a goal
Until He blows the final whistle – of recall!

76.’Tis a strange desire that will not go away
– Even when the Vine’s daughter holds me in sway.
To try to forget the moment spent with thee
Is the reason I go to the tavern – Day after day.

94.A beggar coming across a piece of manuscript one-day
Stared at it in illiterate puzzlement on his way.
Then casting it aside he consoled himself by saying
“The sages too understand not HIS manuscript, they say”.

105.O Khayyam! These many long years have I read
About the sorrows that are thy wine and bread.
But tell me did they finally lay thee to rest
On that hallowed ground where She – used to tread?

150. Life eternal is the definition of Love
Which lives on There in the heavens above
And this Earth where we spend our short sojourn
Is but the beautiful birthplace – of Love.

160.It is my desire that before I merge into clay
One final pilgrimage to MY MECCA I will pay,
To beg the forgiveness of all those I loved,
-For having loved them – and saddened their way.

166.The Rose of Autumn is but a vanishing dream
Blurred by the falling leaves, once so green.
But unlike the leaves which, dying, turn to gold
The destiny of the Autumn Rose is to fade away – unseen.

I hope you liked the verses.

Deepak Menon

May 19, 2005

The Empty Bench waiting for them – By Deepak Menon

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May 17, 2005


This is a Hello from Deepak