Tamam Shudh – Poems of Passion by Deepak Menon
Published by Minerva Press, New Delhi, India

Quatrain No 166.
Authors interpretation when he wrote it

First Line:- The Rose of Autumn is but a vanishing dream
Interpretation: – The Rose of Autumn signifies the hidden love which we have in our lives which is kept securely in our hearts and never revealed to the world through eternity. The vanishing dream signifies our life of which the Rose of Autumn is an integral part.

Second Line:- Blurred by the falling leaves, once so green.
Interpretation: – Falling leaves signify the passing years which were once to full of the wonder of love. Blurred signifies how memories grow dim with the passing years and events can not be recollected instant to instant and they get shrouded in a mist till they are obscured in a dense fog of forgetfulness

Third Line:- But unlike the leaves which dying, turn to gold
Interpretation: – But unlike the other memories of the years of the past which remain golden and never to be forgotten and are narrated about to the entire world by us

Fourth Line:- The destiny of the Autumn Rose is to fade away – unseen.
Interpretation: – The memories of the hidden love are only bright to our being and unnoticed or recorded by the world at large – the memories fade away into the nothingness of eternity when we pass into eternity


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