Skymerge – The Saga – Prologue to the Book by Deepak Menon

The Saga

“The ocean shall into the sky merge
And then shall walk upon the barren land
the heirs to the throne of mankind!

And there shall be no joy in the living.
And there shall be no feasts to be laid.
And then shall the heirs spurn thee!

Thy names shall be erased from the books.
Thy images shall be splattered with mud.
And thy souls banished to a riven hell”!

Thus spake Ruhan – last of the Doomed Kriels,
as towards the sword he walked to die,
and fulfill the decree of Rangod of Joha.

And then did Suja-Kil raise the flag of Death.
But even as the sword pierced the skin of Ruhan,
the skies reverberated with the boom of thunder!

Lightning flashed, cleaving the sky into two.
Faces of Jeering Gods momentarily appeared.
The crowd shrank back in dismal horror!

For the Great Rain that had no end had begun;
Tears of the Gods, pouring earthward in streams;
Rivulets flowing red, with the blood of their darling

Enraged screams carried by the roaring wind,
filled the ears of the shrieking hoard of the living,
as they shrank to their knees in prayer.

But as if to show, that their prayers were already lost
in the tumult of the wild lamenting of the wind and sky,
thunder ripped through the dark forbidding air!

Smashing the words of prayer into the fortress walls;
Smothering them without even a semblance of an echo,
as the stream became a deluge of great proportion!

And those who could, swam into the maelstrom,
while others clawed their way up the fortress walls,
or wrapped their splayed bodies on the branches of trees!

But as though to scorn these futile efforts of puny souls,
the elements redoubled their fury and mist covered the land
So that only the screams of shattered mouths were heard.

And the fury of the Gods continued for full seven days,
till at last spent and despairing, filled with the sorrow
that succeeds impotent rage – a somnolent silence arose.”

4 Responses to “Skymerge – The Saga – Prologue to the Book by Deepak Menon”

  1. Gavy Says:

    All the poems were amazing. I really LOVED them. I wish I could also write poems that good. I esspecially like the haikus. I like writing haikus.GAVY

  2. Deepak Menon Says:

    Gavy – yours was the First ever comment on this Site in History – So you have left a mark on the sands of eternity. Strange as it may sound – KISSSSSSSS to the creative historical little boy from the author – his favoured uncleDEEPAK

  3. Deepak Menon Says:

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Empress of the Forest of Dreams Says:

    he calls my name, yet he does not speak…he holds me, with arms that do not encircle me… he kisses me, with lips that brush my memory… Deepak… I have missed you… Empress

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