A Dream ?

a poem by

Deepak Menon

Smoke swirled around your figure
Swaying like a misty wraith
Amongst the nameless crowd of souls
Dancing their Dance of Faith

Faith in the future they believed in
The future born in the dim past
When fought they battles, couldn’t win
And were into destiny’s cauldron cast

To flutter like trembling leaves in the wind
Frantically dancing the Dance they made
A Dance they made to make them forget
The games of love they once had played

When into their midst your timeless shape
Had burst in like a flash of light
Banishing the shadows, the smoke and dark
Scattering all fear into headlong flight

And you danced the Dance of Hope
While stars sparkled in your lovely eyes
And your body sang a Song of Hope
Stilling the multitudes hopeless cries

And they watched with riveted gaze
Your swirling limbs, your haunting face
Your radiant smile, your tossing hair
Your twinkling feet in frantic race

And they knew you danced for me
They watched and wondered frozen in time
While your eyes saw only me
Radiating your love – true, sublime

And they knew that they had seen
Eternity in your sparkling dance
A love so true, so pure – so strong
It left them speechless and askance

And from the mist there appeared
He who wooed you like no man
Took form and swept you far away
Into the Forever Sunshine land

One Response to “A Dream ?”

  1. Nebula Says:

    Dearest Papa,You are the best poet i have known and continue to amaze me with your ingenuity and creativity every now and then. This is a very good blog that you have built and you must keep up the good work. I miss you all a lot here so keep doing stuff that keeps reminding me of you.Love,Sam

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