Deepak Menon

The oceans be deep yet the Sea of Sorrow is deeper still
In which the lover from his love estranged, wallows
The mountains be high yet higher is the lonely tower still
From which the lover’s lonely gaze scans the hollows
Enervated by the calamity that knows no earthly parallel
Yet pervades the world of humanity in equal measure
The look or word that transforms heaven into fiery hell
Hurling into depths of sadness what once was pleasure
The sight of a vacuous smile upon the same upturned face
Now meaningless as it follows a vacant and empty look
The frantic nonchalance in the searching for just a trace
Of the raging storms that once his heart by force took
And in that fleeting moment do stop the sands of time
Life losing its lusture, and the song of life – its rhyme.

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