TAMAMSHUDH (Book of Poetry)- by Deepak Menon

The second of each verse is the afterthought
again by me. I wonder either makes any sense
to you?

1.’Tis the hope of that illusion called paradise
Where live the souls of the departed wise,
That makes even the wisest of men fools
Forsaking who today could be at their side.

1.Hope itself is an illusion created by the wise
Creating also the myth of eternal Paradise
To keep alive their visions of immortality
Which is their nectar of life – And their vice.

2. ‘Tis a paradox of inequity predestined
With the bliss of eternal love entwined
How else could it be, that despair itself
Into the lover’s heart, its way does find?

2. Why call the paradox of inequity predestined
When the bliss of eternal love no one can find?
And despair filling the so called lover’s heart?
Is nothing but a figment of his dreamers mind!

Hope you get that eternal Bliss thing or whatever it is!!
Post a comment if you can and dont bother if it is also equally confusing. Confusion is one thing I specialise in Ha! Ha!
PS “Tamam means ‘All’ in Persian
“Shudh” means ‘Pure’ in Hindi”
The book ‘TAMAMSHUDH’ is written in English

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