Who are you? – A poem by me


Who are you – I wonder?
What are your eyes like?
Does your frown split worlds asunder?
What are your smiles like?
When you laugh do your teeth flash
Like inlaid marble on ruby lips?
Does a glance from you the hopes dash
Of yearning Gods longing for sips
Of the nectar of the honeyed words you say
While scattered around you they lie
Prostrate – obeisance to you to pay
For your one kind word and then to die
Rather then let relentless ravages of time
Wreak their inevitable havoc to wither
The flower of their worship so sublime
And scatter their precious memory thither
As one day they will do to mine
Who am too weak to let life go
And cling to memory fragments of thine
Oh! Are you still what you were – long ago?

Deepak Menon

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