The Nod – A Poem by Deepak Menon

We met again ….

An age had passed,
Nay, a thousand ages,
Since your love did wane.

Time had not dulled or stilled
The inflections of your voice,
Echoing in my brain

You stepped out of the coach
As serene as on the day you left,
Looked at me casually, without shame.

Your stranger’s face overlapped
Your image, which since you left,
Had in my heart lain.

Waking me from my sleep of ages
As your face, nodding politely,
My sorrow did forever drain.

The thousand ages, there ended
With that indifferent nod.
I boarded my train.

Yet, remained a subdued longing
For the age, now forever past,
A bittersweet pain.

We never met again …..

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