SONNET NO 7 By Deepak Menon

Many rungs has the ladder which I ascend
Lost in clouds is the peak where lies my goal
Will not some Angel its wings to me lend?
For I dare not tarry lest Earthward I roll
And that Heaven for whose glory I do aspire
That land of the Nectar of Immortality
May prove to be a fable of some great liar
A graveyard of souls lost in morality
Yet the call of the faraway bells, which chime
A melody that moves faint chords deep within
Fills me with an irresistible longing for a time
Lost in the past – yet somewhere still existing
And so in the searching – the meaning of life lies
Waiting to be found, before the light of day … flies!

One Response to “SONNET NO 7 By Deepak Menon”

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