SONNET NO 5 – By Deepak Menon

Ah! The pleasures of the flesh be nothing compared
To the savoring of a morsel when hunger calls
To the solace when in sickness am I tenderly cared
To its soothing touch when the summer rain falls

O! The pain of parting from my true love is naught
Compared to the agony when mine child does cry
Or the feel of his brow when it’s feverish and hot
Or from the glimpse of a tear in mother’s eye
But hunger’s soon forgot till the next meal
And autumn erases memories of the summer rain
A toy stops the cries and the pain soon does heal
Soon forgot is the tear in mother’s eye had lain
……. But my yearning for the tender looks of Love’s eyes
……. Is simmering constancy – a glimpse of Paradise!

One Response to “SONNET NO 5 – By Deepak Menon”

  1. Serena Says:

    what is then felt when away from home,what is not when amongst those of your own,is what i feel every moment alone,away from my three lives that live in my world through their own..for my u papa…u dont have to be told how beutiful you write, it is this that makes me write what i do and you are what i wish to be in many a way…always wanted to be like you..well try try rty till u feel you’re miles away from succeding …isn’t it…its better tahn being kilometers away…:)) shine on my daddy bestest!!

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