THE TATTERED PENNANT – Title Poem of the Book by Deepak Menon


‘Twas nothing but a flash of purest white
Splitting the velvet fabric of the night
That was the passion of those yesteryears
Already fading ere the bird took flight

Yet, in that briefest of interludes with time
With greedy lips while gulping the wine
The meaning of life was revealed in full
Alas! To have tasted the fruit was the crime.

A bittersweet melody was the sentence passed
An everlasting joy – in eternal sorrow masked
Living memories to keep the wreck afloat
In futile search of a golden shore long past

But as a great bard long gone expressed
“Hope rises eternal in the human breast”
So does the lonely mast in an ocean of tears
Flutter its tattered pennant in its foolish quest.

One Response to “THE TATTERED PENNANT – Title Poem of the Book by Deepak Menon”

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