SONNET NO 11 by Deepak Menon

By Deepak Menon

Blemishes on Faces, Club Footed Children and Balding Maidens are part
Of jokes that the Gods play on the little two legged creature called Man
Blaming misfortune on the Gods then, and cursing nature from the start
Is but what must come naturally to the sufferers of this diverse clan.
Is there light in the darkness? And what does light look like? Can it be told
By one who is born without the pretty doe(s)s that the poets most admire?
Is there music in silence? And what does music sound like? Can it be told
By one who is one with the silence of eternity and in silence must retire?
Does God wait in the Churches and Mosques and Temples for man to pray?
That he may hear his voice from among the many who howl for Him
Does man have to bow his head and repeat what the holy men tell him say?
So that, he may be accepted by his fellows – filled with pity for him.
    So many questions asked and so many answers sought -Aeons pass
    Yet we imperfect remain, starkly reflected in life’s looking glass!!

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