A Wild Flower in my Garden – Amazing!! – And a poem!

I suddenly noticed this amazing creation of
Nature in my garden and it reminded me of
a poem I wrote long ago – Here it is –

Deepak Menon

Morning light of amber grey
Materializing from the void
Earth’s diaphanous veils peeling away,
As draped in Night she invisible lays.
Each lifted veil revealing shades
Of silvery grey slowly emerging,
As the starry gown of night fades
Before the imperceptibly surging
Tide of morning light that aspires
To clasp lady Earth in its embrace,
In a frenzy of controlled desire,
A blush rising on its face
As the fading gown reveals,
In glorious nakedness the charms
That Night covetously conceals,
Within its protective outspread arms.
But morning continues relentlessly
The veils called Night, to strip away,
With eyes wide open, breathlessly,
Not caring Nights fears to allay.
Till there appear the contours
Against the faintly blushing sky,
Of heaving bosoms silhouetted
While Lady earth does sleeping lie.
A gentle zephyr fragrant with the scent
Of Earth’s perfumes wafts gently down,
Caressing intrepidly the sacrosanct
Person of Earth in Nights faded gown.
A shiver through the figure shimmers
Of sleeping Earth; there is a stir
Of rustling leaves, and there glimmers,
A glimpse of her glory in a blur
Of tantalising, immortal, frozen time
Suddenly into focus springing,
As Morning light explodes to shine
Incandescently, with birdsong ringing,
The nuptial bells of their union immortal
And the Earth is bathed in ethereal glow,
While the sun peeps gently through the portal
Her beauty to the waiting world to show.

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