An excerpt from the Childrens book "WORMUS" by Deepak Menon

The Wonderful Booga Dooga Land Forest
There were Golden trees and Green trees
And Silvery trees and Cream trees.
There were large trees and small trees,
Short trees and tall trees;
There were trees with fat trunks
And trees with thin trunks.
Trees that grew from the ground
And trees that could hop around
There were trees that walked
And some trees that talked
Some trees who could sing
Some with bells that could ring
There was even a tree
That no one could see
So as you can see my little one
The Booga Dooga forest is full of fun
It is a place that always seems
To be seen by us only in dreams
But be sure that maybe one day
You will see a Pixie along your way
And if his name is Pickwick,
don’t forget to ask
The way to the Booga Dooga Land
at last
With Love to all the children of this world

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