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December 23, 2005

And a wish for all the wonderful people in my
life that their lives are tinted with the beautiful
colours of the rising dawn of love and hope

‘TIS AN IDLE FANCY – A poem by Deepak Menon

December 13, 2005
I love HER? How can you say that?
I tell you it is not true!
You insist! Even when it isn’t a fact?
Oh! How can I convince you?
I do not believe a word you say!
And even if I did, so what?
So what if throughout the day
My brow is feverish and hot?
So what if from my deepest slumber
I start and then to her call out?
So what if efforts to erase her memory
Have by time – been put to rout?
So what if I only think of her
And talk and dream and live her name?
So what if my eyes are often filmed
With tears of sorrow, lingering shame
That I could not my conscience still
And keep my tryst with destiny’s call?
So what if her image my heart does fill
So what if she holds my heart in thrall?
‘Tis nonsense, once more I tell you
You are mistaken though you know me well
Even though away with my soul she flew
‘Tis an idle fancy, – can’t you tell?

THE NEW MILLENNIUM…..a poem by Deepak Menon

December 7, 2005

The New Millennium dawned – clearing the haze
But had mankind decided to change its ways?
Many are the species of plant and animal life
Who thank man for freeing them from strife!
Freeing them forever, (since they exist no more)
For elevating them to being subjects of folklore
And they can never be troubled by hunger or pain
And now need no shelter from the sun or the rain!
Ah! Man! You truly are a praiseworthy breed
For you even annihilate all that you need!
And your plans for the next millennium indeed
Exceed anything even God could have decreed!

Star wars you have planned with lasers you made
The nuclear race you run on the edge of a blade
You harvest the sea now the land is stripped dry
And already now to reach other planets, you try!
The forests that burdened this old mother earth
Have been piously cleared to warm your hearth
With concrete jungles you have decorated her afresh
Levelled mountains rising like thorns from her flesh!
The air that gave support to the life forms so many
Who fed on mother earth without paying a penny,
By you has been fouled too, and its insidious design
Foiled by the car and factory smoke which is the sign!
That all the other remaining earthly life there still is
Had better be careful and beware of mankind’s kiss!
If they want to live to see their offspring grow
They must never their faces to any man show!

Money and love thoughts by Deepak Menon

December 6, 2005
9.1 Money isn’t funny. It is a serious matter. To be without
it is like having one’s neck in a guillotine. And, to have it, is
like having a sword of Damocles hanging over one’s head.
Either way, there is no escape from it!
9.2 The only thing more precious than money is love.
But love will wither in daily drudgery without money.
It is not recommend­ed for a poor man to fall in
9.3 Wilt thou part with thy true love for all the money
in the world? Nay, because there will be no joy in
the spending of even one dry penny!
Wilt thou part with the solitary penny thou hast, to buy
a trinket for thy true love and go hungry to bed? Yea,
because the joys of the world wilt be thine in
the spending!

Mashima on 3rd December 2005 at Dehradun

December 3, 2005
That is a picture of my Aunt Promilla Ghose on her birthday
the most wonderfully 89 year young person actually still
blossoming at 16 and going on 17

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