Money and love thoughts by Deepak Menon

9.1 Money isn’t funny. It is a serious matter. To be without
it is like having one’s neck in a guillotine. And, to have it, is
like having a sword of Damocles hanging over one’s head.
Either way, there is no escape from it!
9.2 The only thing more precious than money is love.
But love will wither in daily drudgery without money.
It is not recommend­ed for a poor man to fall in
9.3 Wilt thou part with thy true love for all the money
in the world? Nay, because there will be no joy in
the spending of even one dry penny!
Wilt thou part with the solitary penny thou hast, to buy
a trinket for thy true love and go hungry to bed? Yea,
because the joys of the world wilt be thine in
the spending!

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