The stage was set on Kill Devil Hill
For the Greatest Act of the human race
The actors – two – of indomitable will
Entered with firm and determined face.
In All of Kitty Hawk there were five
Who arrived as audience on that day.
Four men, one boy made up the five
Who saw man leave the earth that day.
Wilbur Wright, the elder of the two,
Stepped back and gestured Oriville in
To the Strangest Contraption ever seen
Made of canvas, wires, rubber and tin.
Wilbur stepped up and pulled the string
The Homemade Engine to life came
Oriville gently accelerated to bring
Around the nose of the Airplane.
The propeller whirled true and fast
The ‘ FLYER ‘started its bumpy run
Faster and still faster till at last
Against the Earth it’s battle it won
Lurching like a drunkard on the road
It staggered into the air at last
Carrying with it- its 340 KG load
And the Future of the World recast.
Forever will the World be justly proud
Of the Brothers WILbur and OriVILLE
Who had the vision to scatter the cloud
And subjugate the sky to Free Mans Will

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