MY FORLORN DANCE – A poem by Deepak Menon

Unfold thy wraps, O Future misty
And let me peer into thine heart
And let me know why you retreated
Into nothingness like some faded art
You were bright and glorious once
Beckoning me with the brightest smile
You frolicked and danced before my eyes
Luring me onwards all the while
And just when I thought I had you
Within my grasp, you faded
Into the dense and thickening fog
Leaving me trembling and jaded
I screamed, ran around in circles
Reaching out, pleading and protesting
Through clenched teeth and flowing tears
Calling you back without resting
But you, like a fickle love grown Bored
Vanished without a backward glance
Taking my life with you in your arms
Leaving me alone to my forlorn dance
Deepak Menon

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