A painting of an African Woman by Deepak Menon

Nothing in life is easy
and painting this wonderful woman
was certainly not easy

4 Responses to “A painting of an African Woman by Deepak Menon”

  1. Gangadhar Says:

    Dat’s a beautiful painting,Deepak!! well done…

  2. Quynh Says:

    Painting is not easy, I agreed. And the fact that you can draw is wonderful. I have no doubt about your talent. However, I dont understand why you comment that she’s a wonderful woman? I look at her but see nothing attractive. Can you explain?

  3. Deepak Menon Says:

    Quynh has asked the most difficult question one can answer – “why I think that she is a wonderful woman” – so I think I wrote that because – Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder – and after I painted her – she looked wonderful to me with the musical instrument and the long stick she was carrying and the nostalgic expression on her face and the atheletic shape of her tall body – it stood out in solitary splendour against the background which is entirely imaginary – and since I am not troubled by caste or colour or creed or race or religion or language or any such thing – she simply looked wonderful to me and that is how, Quynh, I thought she was wonderful – after all her heart and soul always remains unseen to us – Cheers

  4. Quynh Says:

    Thanks for your explanation. Yes, it’s kind of art and everybody has different feeling and view! To you, the girl is amazing and wonderful….However for me, although your description is fantastic, I could not feel anything at all… 🙂 Why dont you draw your daughter, she’s more beautiful than that girl? 🙂

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