I posted this poem long ago on the great site of Lucius Furius

The City
by Deepak Menon
Mud splatters my bare feet
Stars shine in darkened skies
As I walk to where we used to meet
The night echoes some waif’s cries.
I see the pavements lumpy with logs
Huddled against the cold night chill
Humanity interspersed with dogs
Carrion awaiting vultures’ will
The stench of decay fills my soul
Like tangible shadows invading me
Questions whirl; I approach my goal
The now solitary Tamarind Tree
Dim memories of a long forgotten grove
Of verdant sunlit waving leaves
Fleet through my mind; my eyes rove
For the spot, which still its magic weaves
My feet softly caress the hallowed soil
As they have done these many years
Then must I return to again toil
To forget your memory through tears
And become one with the City for another night
And live with the City through another day
The City where my kin are common sight
The City that gives and then takes away.
Copyright © Deepak Menon (“The City” is part
of a collection of poems from my third volume
of poetry entitled “A Lingering Fragrance….”.
“The City” was first published on my (now defunct)
Tamam Shudh: Poems of Passion website.
Also posted on the site of Lucious

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