The story of a letter I sent and a Poem I composed – Deepak Menon

Dear p_and_q
You sent me the mail and perhaps I have
been found wanting in respect of not being
able to send you the name of the poem or the
poet or anything else about its origins which
you asked for. But I am writing the rest of it
just now and hope the poor substitute
which I manage to write and send
holds the fort for you.
“My Aunt she died a month ago,
And left me all her riches,
Shattered – my head hung low
Memories stored in Niches
Niches of my shaken mind
In fragments – a kalediscope
Of the care she gave to bind
Us for ever without a rope

No shackles to hold us were used
No threats of dire consequences
No attempt to leave us confused
No slaps to bring us to our senses
Her riches were not stores of gold
Or mansions built of marble and jade
Nor valued antiques one could hold
Nor bank accounts which bankers made
They were the treasures of her mind
Memories she kept to share some day
Stored in little diaries she would bind
To help us read and find our way
Through this maze we call our lives
Where faith and love are hard to find
Where husbands leave their caring wives
Wives have changed their tone of mind
Where children leave parents for money
Where mammon has the field to play
Where words said are coated with honey
Where to hear them we have to pay
Pay with the sacrifice of our love
Pay with sacrifice or all our peace
Pay by raising our hands to him above
To save us from them who fleece
No-my Aunt left us the meaning of “Love”
And the meaning of the word “Care”
She left for us her memories glove
To shield us always – every where
And remind us of the battles fought
To keep us sheltered from any harm
And in harms net we were never caught
Because of her steady caring arm
She left us the treasure of eternal joy
In the small things found in this world
The little girls skip or the prance of a boy
The sound of laughter into the wind hurled
She left us a vision of brotherhood
Of a paradise of winged angel’s song
Of dancing as much as we ever could
Of a shining future with music all along
That was how best my aunt can I describe
And the precious gifts she left for us all
Treasures with which us she would bribe
To always keep our footsteps in truth’s Hall !
Deepak Menon
Dehradun, India, 20th April 2006
PS :- Your letter sent to me was :-
From: “p_and_q”

Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2006 01:45:16 -0000
Subject: [poetrywriters] Finding my long lost poem
“My Aunt she died a month ago,
And left me all her riches,……
Can any one complete it or point me to
the right author, book or URL

2 Responses to “The story of a letter I sent and a Poem I composed – Deepak Menon”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Yes I remember this poem from school days, but there is one line that I can't remember.My aunt she died a month ago and left me all her riches. A feather bed, a wooden leg and a pair of calico breeches. A coffee pot without a spout,a mug without a handle.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,and half a farthing candle. Let me know if you remember that line

  2. Deepak Menon Says:

    I wonder if this reaches the person who made the query in the first place …..?

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