A Painting by my daughter Serena – Sailing through choppy seas

And I thought … that I was better than my daughter!!
She painted this painting virtually in an hour
or two and showed me who was better since I
would take weeks to make a painting – in fact I painted
for only a year or so – and then gave up painting
altogether because it was too hard for me!
by Serena Menon

11 Responses to “A Painting by my daughter Serena – Sailing through choppy seas”

  1. Deepak Menon Says:

    Serena – this is a comment from your father – you are a choppy painter unlike your name and always remain soWith love from your Pop

  2. Amit Kapil Says:

    Simply fantastic!! That too in an hour!!! When I was young, my Dad used to say that I can become a good painter. But now I cant even sign a painting in an hour!Amit Kapil

  3. Gangadhar Says:

    You’re a proud father then..No question of who’s better..Father or daughter? And yeah of course,Serena is better…lolzzzAnd wow..It’a wonderful painting..Amazing..All the best,Serena..

  4. Deepak Menon Says:

    clouddancer143: You both are very good at the style of art that you draw, and to me the race is too close to call on who is better.But between you and I my dear, anytime a child can learn from the parent and go one better should be a great sorce of pride for the parent.Kudo to you both for the beautiful artwork.

  5. Deepak Menon Says:

    A comment I received through email-Dear dad and daughter,This was a wonderful surprise from Serena (just as the dad had sprung a similar surprise a couple of years ago) I was awestruck by the beauty of the painting. You both are immensely talented and it is hard to say who is better than the other. But ofcourse, Serena is a budding talent and with her whole life before her, I am confident she will make her mark as an artist (and a journalist and an author and a filmmaker and et all) You make us proud Serena!All the best to you,With love,Sujata

  6. Deepak Menon Says:

    This comment was received as an e-mail :-Dear Deepak,You are the best . No need to worry. How are you ? Hope all are fine. Bye,Tony

  7. Abha Menon Says:

    Dear Mr. Menon,Indeed your daaughter’s creation is as awesome as yours, except that her speed that was faster- they ahve rightly said that child is the father of man. Kudos to you both. Keep us exhilerated by your creations.With LoveAbha

  8. Sent by Rita Chauhan Says:

    Another comment I received on the email sent by my favourite teacher when I was in school :-Dear DeepakI think and know it that Abha is certainly a wonderwoman..considering what all she is coping with especially ..youI do not know about you or your daughter being a better artist..but you will always be lovable..no matter what..to me

  9. Serena Says:

    my “father” is “my” father. i am because he is. i will be because he has always been. period!he’s the bestest.

  10. kundalini Says:

    serena, beautiful. your art reminded me of something i wrote, inspired by a painting such as yours:a symphony of blueor is there a whisper of greenall scales of bluesilence-to-crescendothe deep longinggrows white wingsout of the milky foamto scale the skiesthe heart gets a glimmerof the mystery of it allas the steamer reaches the pierof today, tomorrow, and the day after…

  11. Quynh Says:

    Well, you should be proud of your daughter. It’s fantastic! I just wish to be able to do half of the work she made! Cheers,Quynh

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