Pictures of long ago and a trophy

This post is dedicated to my son Sammy who was so
caring even when he was a little boy and my startling
daughter who is not serene at all unlike her name
Serena and my “dedicated to work” wife Abha who won
the trophy on the SARC two wheeler rally on a scooter
and the friends who had a picnic with us when I
had the idea of having a Birthday Picnic instead of a
Birthday Party at a picnic spot near our town and
finally and mainly it is dedicated to my wonderful mother
who is in the blue saree in the group of people you see
and who taught us in her own simple words
“you should always be kind, gentle and loving”

One Response to “Pictures of long ago and a trophy”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Deepak, yes how time flies. The picture of Sam and Serena transported me to the time we were together at Agra. And Aunty… what a beautuful person she was… pure af heart….. loving.. affectionate……Ujjesh

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