A Distant Shore – A poem by Deepak Menon

A Distant Shore
Strange, through this crowd of anguished souls

My chariot with some hidden purpose rolls
Carrying me helplessly to some distant shore
But will I reach it before my bell tolls?
And having reached that dim distant shore
Will I find that I have been there before?
And will I hear that same song in the breeze
That was sung by thee in the days of yore?
And will that great love folklore of the past
Awaken to its destiny at long long last?
And will thy spirit assume the form I knew
Before it too was into the cauldron cast?
And shall then the cauldron spill out its content?
And shall then serenades, the still air rent?
Summoning the lost loves, of yester-years
And shall then return those, who yesterday went?
And will they have the meaning of life learned?
And will they cherish what once they spurned?
And will there be songs singing in their hearts?
Or will their souls too, into stone have turned?
Deepak Menon
Copyright ©2004 Deepak Menon

3 Responses to “A Distant Shore – A poem by Deepak Menon”

  1. hotirongirl Says:

    excellent poem. I am very impressed with your writing. reminiscent of the great poets of the past, your work seems to embody the emotion of thought you have chosen to write about. Keep the great stuff coming!

  2. Deepak Menon Says:

    With thanks and a yippee yippee yi yi for the comment – I am thrilled that at least someone gave a comment and albeit I dont deserve that praise – again I thank you for giving that sedentry ego I have something akin to downing a cup of cheer.Deepak

  3. Yangkwan Says:

    Deepak, this is one damn good poem. I enjoyed especially your: “And having reached that distant shore..Will I find that I have been there before?…..yore?”The human spirit is so adventurous and yet fearful of the uncertainties of venturing into the unknown…distant land. Of longing and yet of apprehension..Good job !

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