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Reflections on Jealousy by Deepak Menon

June 28, 2006
11.1 Beware of jealousy. It will reduce the strongest mind to
imbecelity. It will reduce the strongest body to a bag of bones.
And it will burn out all emotions forever.

11.2 The jealous are like the clouds passing on overhead. One
is never sure when one or the other will pour.
11.3 Behold the great Oracle. He can tell you every thing that
will happen in the future – except the actions of one afflicted
with jealousy.

The Glorious Love Flag – A poem by Deepak Menon

June 14, 2006
Treasures of life lie scattered along the way
Ahead is the fiery dragon we must slay
To cross the bridge across the abyss so deep
To reach the paradise where we are to sleep

No sword do we have in our hands to weild
The dragon is strong and will never yeild
And if we stop and pause a while to think
Time will see that our armour has a chink

And the insidious mist of foraging time
Will enter with its sweet enticing wine
And lost in reviewing our life page by page
We shall fall victim to ravaging age

What shall we do? The cry erupts in pain
From our parched lips turned upwards for rain
Then falls on them a tiny little drop
Of sweet nectar of love from Gods own crop

And the sword is sheathed with a bright smile
Lightened strides swiftly cover the last mile
The beacon of love lights up the dark world
The glorious love flag above is unfurled

And the dragons fire of hate dies out
And he stands aside – we joyously shout
Hurray! As we enter the promised land
To embrace for ever our long lost band

The people who had left our little world
Or into the raging storms of life hurled
By time, which then only stops at the gate
Of Eternity where we meet our mate

Then there is no other journey to start
There we shall again never have to part
From the ones who were the songs of our life
To oblivion shall be banished all strife

By Deepak Menon – 14th June 2006 on this blog

An utterly butterly divine creation of nature – photographed by me!!

June 13, 2006

Wonder of wonders – the very first butterfly
I saw in my garden this year and the lazy and
noisy me managed not only to get the camera
before it flew away – but also managed to reach
it noiselessly and photograph. I wonder if some
one will give me the pat on the back I richly
deserve for this stupendous acheivement!!