The Glorious Love Flag – A poem by Deepak Menon

Treasures of life lie scattered along the way
Ahead is the fiery dragon we must slay
To cross the bridge across the abyss so deep
To reach the paradise where we are to sleep

No sword do we have in our hands to weild
The dragon is strong and will never yeild
And if we stop and pause a while to think
Time will see that our armour has a chink

And the insidious mist of foraging time
Will enter with its sweet enticing wine
And lost in reviewing our life page by page
We shall fall victim to ravaging age

What shall we do? The cry erupts in pain
From our parched lips turned upwards for rain
Then falls on them a tiny little drop
Of sweet nectar of love from Gods own crop

And the sword is sheathed with a bright smile
Lightened strides swiftly cover the last mile
The beacon of love lights up the dark world
The glorious love flag above is unfurled

And the dragons fire of hate dies out
And he stands aside – we joyously shout
Hurray! As we enter the promised land
To embrace for ever our long lost band

The people who had left our little world
Or into the raging storms of life hurled
By time, which then only stops at the gate
Of Eternity where we meet our mate

Then there is no other journey to start
There we shall again never have to part
From the ones who were the songs of our life
To oblivion shall be banished all strife

By Deepak Menon – 14th June 2006 on this blog

5 Responses to “The Glorious Love Flag – A poem by Deepak Menon”

  1. Gangadhar Says:

    The cry erupts in painFrom our parched lips turned upwards for rainThen falls on them a tiny little dropbeautiful lines!!!

  2. Deepak Menon Says:

    Thank you Ganga – And though I wrote it on the spot on the blog itself – it took a long time to structure the poem because of the problems that the metre and the syllables cause – for I was developing the poem as it went along – and yet had to adhere as far as possible to the proper structure – and one has to delve really deep to find the words which also give the correct meaning

  3. preeti Says:

    hi there,thanx 4 the cmnts.. ur poems r nice.. u kno wat.. wen i was a li’l girl i had written a poem called “the banyan tree” it was published in Voice magazine which was a part of ststesman back then.. & i won a prize 4 it.. the poem was so similar 2 ur tamrind tree one… it was abt a rose plant that was admired everyday by all nd abt a banyan tree was detested by all coz it stood on the side of the road.. but one hot afternoon ppl had no option but to shelter under it.. nd i ended it with the words never judge anything by its outer appreance coz what we may think 2 be a diamond may merely be a piece of glass.. ur poem bout back memories.. mahn i wish i had saved the page of the statesman nd that little book i used to write in way back in my hostal days.. but i lots them when i left the hostel due to the confusion n all.. hey why am i telling u all dis???? oh no i just bored u.. sorry.. u sort of struck a chord in my keep writing..p.s. i cud not post a comment in ur 360 space so m doin it here..

  4. Deepak Menon Says:

    Thanks Preeti for noticing a post by a nebulous demoninlove – smiles – and I have moderated it and your comment is published and I sent you a reply too – Keep visiting and this is one place where I put in posts quite spontaneously – as the thought strikes me – ’tis done!

  5. Gangadhar Says:

    Hiee Deepak,how’s you?And you’re one of my family members..just go and visit my blog for details….thank you

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