Reflections on Jealousy by Deepak Menon

11.1 Beware of jealousy. It will reduce the strongest mind to
imbecelity. It will reduce the strongest body to a bag of bones.
And it will burn out all emotions forever.

11.2 The jealous are like the clouds passing on overhead. One
is never sure when one or the other will pour.
11.3 Behold the great Oracle. He can tell you every thing that
will happen in the future – except the actions of one afflicted
with jealousy.

2 Responses to “Reflections on Jealousy by Deepak Menon”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    hi…this struck me…may i copy and put it in my blog?i’ll be sure to put your name.-behindcloseddoors11

  2. Deepak Menon Says:

    Since you remain behind closed doors and post comments anonomously there is no way to communicate to you that you may post it on your blog since you have asked .. and I being an opendoor policy person dont have curtains to hide behind so I am posting my permission on this blog. Thank you for your comment – but you forgot to tell whether it struck you as a nice post or an example of poor writing of appalling dimensions Ha HaDeepak

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