Literature is the Mirror of our Times – A poem by Deepak Menon

Literature is the mirror of the times they say
Reflecting the colours of the present day
The joys and the sorrows of the world they say
Sentiments which rise when the people pray.
So the world today when today described
In words that its true sentiments cried
Must be the flavour of the times imbibed
In the general psyche of men world wide
The flavour of sweeping pride and hate
Attacking in strength providence’s gate
With rabble rousers taunting to inflate
Fear in people against their earlier mate
The flavour of the sentiments of the vulture
Listening with each breath for the overture
Of discontent with visions of the dark future
In religion or wealth which is losing lusture
And the flavour of the lurking jackal
Who lurks in the shadows watching all
Who stray even a little from justices hall
To give his pack destructions clarion call
And descend on the peaceful remains of earth
Hoardes who were born to a gentle hearth
Misled by scavenging beings soon after birth
To evolve into destroyers of laughter and mirth
And rob this gentle earth of its gown of love
Causing to fly away with peace the gentle dove
Closing the escape window to the One above
Hate, Jealousy, Anger, Deceit replacing LOVE
So what shall this Literateur write about?
Shall he ramble and incoherently shout?
Like a senseless bully become an enraged lout?
Or shall he live and silently against injustice shout ?
God made us to live within the borders of our lord
Love and Kindness to spread across the board
To protect and save without expectaion of reward
To sing messages of love like an an immortal bard
But somewhere along the way humanity has strayed
And by some malignant dark force been waylaid
And the visits to old friends are now akin to a raid
With loot lining the thorn bed for friends now made
Perhaps love shall still rise from the earth like a sphinx
Perhaps it shall still enter the minds of one who thinks
And repair the chain of brotherhood’s broken links
And smoothen out the creases and break the jinx
So that the people of the world can once again smile
And love and hope and laughing the entire while
Embrace their brothers and sisters across every mile
With open love rise from darkness without guile……

. Deepak Menon – 12 Aug 06

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