It took a long time coming .. Appreciation from my precious son

And today my son Sam brought a glow of love all over me with this letter he sent :-
Dearest Pop,
I was reading Tamam Shudh again. And it is indeed the best poetry I’ve ever read. You ROCK!!! :-D…Lots of love and kisses,
So what more can one want in this world?
And the cover of the book I am placing below

5 Responses to “It took a long time coming .. Appreciation from my precious son”

  1. Velu Nair Says:

    ~So what more can one want in this world?~I guess, nothing! Nice to catch u on an ecstatic mood, on my first visit to ur blog!:)

  2. Deepak Menon Says:

    Thanks for the comment Venu – and I hope you liked the other posts too – and as far as teaching goes – I find teaching one of the most difficult things to do in this world – Do keep in touch and perhaps the winds of fate and fortune may will us to meet another time another placeDeepak

  3. Alapana Says:

    Nothing is needed apart from the love and affection of our dearones,No matter howmuch money we earn these little joys of world always make our lifes much more simple and beautiful.If i remember it correctly “Its simple to be happy,but difficult to be simple” Thankyou for all the wonderful words at my blgo sir,i am honoured.i will be coming here again and again for the love of poetry and wonderful words put up here:)

  4. Gangadhar Says:

    Dat’s very nice,Deepak..You’re so lucky to hava son like Sam..btw that’s a great visit on my blog..fantastic comment you made over there..Thanks verymuch…

  5. Gangadhar Says:

    How’s u,Deepak?No updates…take careGangadhar

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