UNKNOWN – A poem by me



He picked up the child in tender arms

The child that had been lying on the road

While thousands of people scuttled by

Not caring, not daring to add to their load


He ran doggedly as fast as he could

To the government hospital – Oh so far!

For he knew that it would do no good

Since his empty pockets would them bar


From the Doctors whose clinics lined the way

With nursing attendants in spotless white

Keeping at bay the poor, who dared to stray

Near their exhalted palaces by day or night


Flashes of red and green and white whizzed by

Each driven by eyes hastily averted

Ears invisibly muffed against his unuttered cry

For help, as his own dying heart blurted


Its fading beat into the thin cold air

Then into the hospital he somehow staggered

Helping hands lifted the child fair

He collapsed on the floor, pale and haggard


Weeks passed, a body for cremation was taken

From the icy morgue where it had been shown

To numberless people, who their heads had shaken

A neat label was pinned on it – UNKNOWN

. . . . . Deepak Menon

4 Responses to “UNKNOWN – A poem by me”

  1. dharmabum Says:

    spine chilling 😦

  2. Cuckoo Says:

    Oh such a serious thought !!

  3. Gangadhar Says:

    Deepak,just touching!! no words here..hmm

  4. Pyare Mohan Says:


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