Christmas!! Written By My Incredible 90 Year Old Aunt – Entry for December 17, 2006

Promilla Ghose

Not only today, but each day He is born anew
To help us reach our life’s measured goal;
To touch our fevered pulse and secret might imbue
For those who killed His body, could not kill His soul.
Each year He comes, not in a manger laid
On wisps of hay strewn about the place,
Or lies in the arms of a humble lowly maid
With God’s glory shining in her face.
No wise men bring their gifts of frankincense and myrrh
Nor shepherds sing their early hymns of praise,
Proud Herod sleeps, and does not move nor stir
His tryst with death is kept, cold is his gaze.
Each year He comes the Prince of Peace
And walks along Life’s road with you and me,
He lays His hands on anguished brows to cease
The turmoil of a seething world that be.
Not in lonely byways, but on broad paths of life,
In hospitals and schools, in lepers’ living graves
He puts forth His hand of solace in the strife
And cheers the falling warrior who his life’s battle braves,
He lives in human hearts when kindly words are spoken
Or cheering words of comfort that are said,
He lifts and helps a bruised life that’s broken
For only the Living can resurrect the dead.

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