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It’s a choice not to say those hurtful worsa

March 7, 2007

Love is a strange mix of things. It has to be put before all else. It can’t be
allowed to get run down and neglected. At the beginning of love… things
are often easy. Maintaining it , however, is a conscious choice. It’s a choice
as to whether you take the time , thought , energy, and consideration to
make love continue as it was in the beginning. It’s a choice not to walk away
when the ugly side of commitment appears. It’s a choice not to say those hurtful
words that YOU CAN’T TAKE BACK.
So , again, what is love? I suppose there are many stages of love, but to get
to the lasting kind takes alot of hard work, dedication, and
commitment . The lasting kind requires you to work as hard
at the relationship as you would to getting a promotion or a raise.
The lasting kind requires a reciprocal agreement to put the othe
r persons needs before your own. The lasting kind takes the most work,.
but is also the most beautiful and fulfilling.
Author unknown.
And after reading that on Kathy’s friend Sophia’s Blog I thought that I would post some proverbs I had written on my blog on the subject of Lovers who are generally incurably afflicted with the Love thing …
Lovers see only with their hearts. Blind to
everything else, they cannot avoid the pitfalls
inevitably scattered along the path of life.
14.2 The love of a lover is akin to the worship
of a worship­per. Both are oblivious to
the flaws and pits in the façades of their
respective idols – which are all too apparent
to the non lover or the non worshipper.
One who can see the flaws is neither a lover
nor a worshipper.
14.3 The power of love can make or destroy worlds.
The history of our mother earth would be
drab indeed, if it were not so lav­ishly
bejeweled with sparkling episodes of the antics
of lovers.
. . . .Deepak Menon