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April 10, 2007

Recorded History tells of 20 pieces of Silver
And records a last supper just the day before
When the man from Galillee spoke of a betrayer
Who would not keep betrayal in abeyance any more!
So it came about and a troop came to a garden
And carried away the man who rode on a mule
To be judged by whom we may call a Roman Warden
Who was a proxy sent, the promised land to rule
Judgement was swift as is always wont to be
When humans sense their glory false is in danger
And with two petty thieves our hero was instantly
Sentenced to to be crucified like a criminal stranger
Knowing it was the Zenith of the plan of the Lord
He carried a cross himself up the fateful hill
A crown of thorns, cresting his bloody brow so broad
With even a cup of water offered on the way, spil’d
By brutal overseers of the tyrannical rulers of the land
Who lashed the valiant preacher of the ultimate grace
And forbade any from the crowds, from lending him a hand
All the way to the terrible fateful dreaded place
Where was finally planted the cross they had carried
And with nails driven through their feet and hands
They were crucified, and the tyrants never tarried
And swept away to desecrate other people’s lands
And on that Good Friday the heavens opened their doors
Shedding rain like the tears of the angels of the Lord
Carrying the preachers blood across the plains and moors
To mingle with and change water to the nectar of the lord.
And the diseases afflicting the exploited masses of the Earth
Were washed away; Lepers became whole again
But there was only sadness over the land, without any mirth
As the heavens continued to pour the Lords tears like rain
“Good Friday” passed and gave way to another day
And the lifeless remains of the Immaculate Conception
Carried into a cave and thrown inside and inert they lay
A boulder blocking the entrance marking the trepidation
Of the keepers of the flag of injustice and tyrannical rule
Who feared that the sight of the body itself could be
A trigger for the masses to rise against the unholy rule
Yes, the cowardly tyrants – feared even what they could not see!
But came the Lord’s day of rest, and he reached out with love
Rising from the floor, moving the boulder with a gesture
He emerged from the cave and set to flight the whitest dove
Carrying his message of love glittering with ethereal lusture
To the corners of the world and the Disciples outside in wait
Rose as one with amazed wonder in their incredulous look
As they watched him ascend to Heavens Golden Gate
Leaving his message of truth and love in his immortal book
A testament of love for the peoples of the Earth
A vision to cherish, when awake or in slumber they lay
For the millennia to follow, since the Christ took birth
And for His return the millions do pray, on Easter Day


April 1, 2007

She explores the halls of her inner being
Full of the vestiges of could have been dreams
Now the halls are deserted and no one is seen
Agoraphobic panic fills he,r as she silently screams
.Screams against the emptiness, now filling her soul

crying for golden memories, of her past to come alive
To once again show her the gates of her golden goal
Where once, the beautiful garden of love did thrive..
But the sands of time were scattered by a howling wind
A long time ago, when brightly shining was love’s light
and the ardour of love was slowly eroded and thinned
Till came a darkness, to empty the halls like a blight.
Many empty years passed, in battling that inner yearning
for a glory slowly fading, into the dim and dark past.
Till, from far away, came a little light brightly burning
and into the darkness, a glimmer of kindling love cast.
The shadows faded, and the sky again surely lightened
Fear receded into the darkness again, giving rising hope
Of another Paradise, with expectations more heightened
and life was no longer a sorrow needing tears to cope..
Because from the far away horizon, came a reveling crowd
Of strangers, with friendship and affection in their heart
And the songs of friendship reverberated clear and loud
Singing, that from her internet friends she would never part!!.
Composed by Deepak Menon (demoninlove) specially for a
a kind gentle and loving internet friend, directly on her blog
on 25th Feb 2007 as a comment response to an entry on her
blog which seemed to reflect some despondancy in her …..