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End of an Era – An Eulogy dedicated to Mrs Promilla Ghose my Great Aunt – Entry for January 08, 2008

January 8, 2008
End of an Era – An Eulogy dedicated to Mrs Promilla Ghose my Great aunt Jan 8, ’08 6:15 AM
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On 3rd Dec 1916 was born my mothers elder sister – one of the great and exceedingly talented people of her time. She was an MA BT in the nascent field of Geography at a time when one could count such qualified people on the fingers of one hand. She had a passion for literature and learning beyond her years and times. She would write beautiful verses in Shakespearean English one moment and recite entire passages from Milton or Tennyson the next. She had a beautiful handwriting and it was amazing to see her write English text perhaps like a calligrapher. Turn to the next page of her diary and one would see beautifully lettered URDU text in which she may have written the accounts of the daily expenses. Ask and she would recite a beautiful verse in Persian and were the adventurous inclined to ask her about the wind or the mountains or rocks or minerals or the great Ocean currents and the effect of the Albido of the earths atmosphere on them – he would have to return satiated to the brim with the most amazingly focussed and yet simply taught lesson on these things that any one on earth could ever have delivered with such tremendous erudition.

She had a lecturarship in Geography in a college at Ferozpur in north India in 1947, while her entire family was living in the cities of Quetta in Baluchistan and Lahore (both now in Pakistan). When it was announced that the subcontinent was to be partationed into India and Pakistan, this intreped lady rushed across the riot torn burning countries by truck and on bicycles to her home and (by virtue of her indominatable spirit and will and the care and concern for others which has always remained the hallmark of her life), she brought the entire family to India and along with her mother and her wonderful husband Arthur, they brought up all the youngers including the children adopted by my grandmother after the Quetta earthquake in 1929, with care and inspired them all to successfully make their place in this world with honour and honesty unfounded.

On the 1st of January 2008, she was called to a better world by the will of God, perhaps because it was the will of God who would have wished her to be at his side because she was in spirit a true Altruist and her memory will always be imprinted in words of Gold in the hearts and minds of all who knew her – of which there are uncountable thousands – she worked in the St Thomas School at Dehradun for 33 years and spent the last period of over a decade as its Principal inspiring each and every student to live up to the motto of the school – “To Greater Heights”

This post is a heartfelt prayer to the Good Lord to keep her soul in blissfull sleep till all those she loved, and all who loved her, are united with her once again ….

Eternally remembered by Pinky, Deepak and Vikram her ever loving children and family and friends

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