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C.I.D. ‘Yeh Hai Bombay Meri Jaan’

February 6, 2011
Another great song from the old old Movie C.I D. sung by the
Great Comedian Johnny Walker – wonderful song about there
being every thing in Bombay except the “Heart” ….

Jaane kahan mera jigar gaya ji

February 6, 2011

This movie was one of the hits of the good old days and it was sung

in the movies Mr $ Mrs 55 when Black and White movies could
really provide all the beauties of shooting great films – the actor is
The great Comedian Johnny Walker and the song says that “Goodness
Knows where my heart has gone, it was here just some time ago” and the
actress sings the repartee “It had been lost in someones charms, and
some one’s big big eyes” – Notice her big eyes and the expressions she
makes with them!!!! Unforgettable Music and Tunes … La la la la…

And my poem ‘The Tamarind Tree’ Came Alive …

February 2, 2011

I received a mail and was asked permission to post my poem on the Blog of a New School – and so it came to be at
And this is really thrilling and you can read it there in its rightful place

Aaj Jane ki zeed na karo

February 2, 2011