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neil diamond-if you go away

June 19, 2011
This is one of my all time favourite songs – and I think that
this version sung by Neil Diamond is the very best of the best.
I am posting this to let my dear wife, Abha, and all my friends
here and those from across the world, that without them life
will have lost its splendour for ever …….


June 4, 2011
I heard this song just once when I was a young lad – decades ago
And then I looked for it all these years – could never find it because
I never remembered the singer or the Title of the song. And then
my great singer YouTube friend sang it on his YouTube page!!
It filled me with great wonder that today strangers from across
the world can be friends and touch others hearts – thanks to the
Internet. Hear it on full volume and dance to the song!!