And the rest? – Gently to sleep lay.- A poem by me


.                     By Deepak Menon

Can meanings, we, from words glean?

Words that are meant to let us know,

What we can never hear or dream,

Words meant to raise or lay us low,

What we can see, of intents unseen

From words uttered not to let us know,

Is but a fragment of a forgotten dream

Words wrapped in magic gowns of snow,

Lily white in nether worlds so dark

Showing glimmering rivers of feelings,

That words like crawling maggots park

In minds deep recesses,with meanings,

That silently reverberate with truths

We think we know but are not sure,

For words are carriers of those truths

And themselves the beckoning lure,

Concealing meanings in shimmering hazes

Compelling reason and ignorance,

To lose themselves in speakers mazes

Of meanings construed as deliverance,

For, meanings from words we do derive,

But in a parochial, limited way,

We hear what we need to survive

And the rest must always hidden stay,

So let’s not peer too deeply into the meanings,

Of words we hear along life’s way,

Lets glean what we desire to sooth our feelings!

And the rest? – Gently to sleep lay.

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One Response to “And the rest? – Gently to sleep lay.- A poem by me”

  1. demoninlove Says:

    Cheers – I successfully posted my poem – my first post on wordpress after migrating from Multiply! This poem did not migrate successfully from Multiply – but the link to the original post on multiply was placed on the wordpress page – so I went to the Multiply site and copied the poem and pasted it here – CHEERS – I THINK WE CAN ALL SAVE OUR BLOGS

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