My Published Children’s books

(I think that I’ll also post this on my blog in WordPress and ipernity and Blogspot and esoteric too,so someone of the other may read it and not blame me for being uncommunicative)
I am not posting much on the blogs because I am rather involved in completing and meeting my targets of 14 Published Books by December 2016 on many genres including children’s books which I am sure will earn me enough to buy my Lear Jet and fly and meet every one in a jiffy ha ha So far I have just completed mytwo books – a sequel to the first children’s book – complete in every respect, edited text,full page illustrations. map,  epilogue,  covers, WORMUS COVERacknowledgements, special commendation for illustrator, and glossary.

The first was held up because my illustrator from Serbia had an accident and dropped out – so I finally  had the illustrations made by another fantastic illustrator – this time the same one who has done the sequel from South Africa
Both the books available on and online books stores world wide in three editions – Full color and B&W in print form and also one edition digitally published as Kindle e-Books since they are actually for adults of all ages as much as for children of all ages.
Best part is that I am completely independent and no rules except the ones I make which are like the rules of my children’s books
Keep in touch in any case on email if you will,

2 Responses to “My Published Children’s books”

  1. demoninlove Says:

    Since I wrote this -I have had two books of tales in three editions published on the platform, bought and activated my very own website at

  2. demoninlove Says:

    And my contract with Barclays bank finished so I am my own master now and don’t work for anyone

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