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All Pure – Poems of Passion – A tribute to Omar Khayyam

January 2, 2014

All Pure – Poems of Passion – A tribute to Omar Khayyam

This is a Volume of Sructured Poetry following the structure first shown to the world by Edward Fitgerald in his immortal book of verse “The Rubiyyat of Omar Khayyam”. Here the reader will be shown the spirit of Persian poetry – for the first time written originally in English – and also understand the spirit and ethos of the quatrains as well as understand the structure of the quatrains which are based on syllables where the 1st, 2nd and 4th line Rhyme with the same number of syllables while the 3rd line remains unrhymed. This book has received very high starred reviews and was also given a glowing review in the Times of India. It is available in Print and Kindle editions on all Amazon and other Online Book sellers across the world. A search for Deepak Menon on the sellers site will throw up this as well as all the different editions of all Deepak Menon’s books